Google+ Photo Booth FAQs - Paparazzi Pod: Birmingham, AL | Paparazzi Pod Photo Booth


How much space do you need for the booth?

The booth itself is 5′x5′ and 7′ tall. Ideally we need approximately a 10′x10′ space in order to set up the booth and have room for the attendant, table and the prop box. 

How many people can fit in your booth?

The Paparazzi Pod photo booth can fit up to 10 people at a time. It is one of the largest photo booths in Birmingham.

Can we customize the booth?

Yes, we offer multiple background options as well as print options. Please visit our options and layouts page for specifics.

Do you charge extra to travel?

Travel is included within 50 miles of Birmingham, AL. Anything outside of that area may have a travel fee assessed.

How long does it take to setup?

Typical setup and take down time is about one hour for each. We are happy to set up prior to an hour before your event if you need us to, just let us know.

Are props included and can I bring my own?

Props are included in all of our photo booth rentals. We even have a few sets of themed props. Of course, you are more than welcome to provide your own props that represent you or your event. We will happily return them to you after the event.